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Haihe Dairy Hits New Record High for September MonthlySales

Release date:2024-01-22    
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  • In the golden harvest season, TianjinHaihe Dairy Products Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Haihe Dairy"), located in the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, has machines roaring andenergy rising, and is committed to promoting the development of the Company.The September sales report came from Haihe Dairy, with record high sales of thefull channel products, realizing the highest single-month sales record in thehistory of the development of Haihe Dairy, providing powerful kinetic energyfor the enterprise to deeply root in the local area, develop the nationalmarket and enhance the value of the brand.

    Strategic Promotion and Precision Layout

    The leadership of Haihe Dairy has activelygrasped the market opportunities of the traditional peak season of "GoldenSeptember and Silver October", concentrated on source control, innovationand R&D, market development, brand enhancement and other priorities, andmade efforts to seek new breakthroughs in the enhancement of marketingcapabilities and digital control, with targeted efforts and precise measures.On one hand, starting from the diversity of consumer needs, Haihe Dairy madeinnovations in the traditional white milk category, and launched the new YoguanOrganic Pure Milk; In the category of "Processed Milk", the Companyhas developed new Coconut Latte, Pineapple Crisp, and mango pomelo sagoflavors; and in the co-branding cooperation, it has collaborated to develop"Cinnamon Flower Brewed Buttermilk", which has opened up a new trackof product personalization and diversification, and also provided consumerswith more opportunities to try the products. On the other hand, Haihe Dairy hasimplemented on-line CRM customer management system and One Item One CodeTraceability System to standardize the key aspects of business process as wellas other key aspects in the marketing management in the marketing field, and topromote efficient collaboration within the enterprise and the upstream anddownstream processes. It has also provided support for functions such asproduct traceability, channel control, and precision marketing, and hasrealized the strict control of every link from the "Source to theTerminal" of the enterprise.

    All staff action to trigger the market

    The Marketing Department of Haihe Dairyhas actively penetrated into the terminal to understand in detail the productsof the Company and the competitive products, compare the retail price of themain products and the freshness of the products in the terminal market, andfocus on the effect of the vivid construction of the image of the stores, andhas joined hands with the Sales Department and the Production Department toactively analyze the channels and markets, plan for the supply demands, andformulate the sales policies and market strategies, and work overtime toprovide dairy products for the majority of consumers in terms of quality andquantity. Meanwhile, the Sales Department and the Marketing Department, byseizing the golden marketing node around the "Double Festival", havedeeply explored the demands of consumers, linked the online and offlineconsumption spaces, and taken the initiative to launch new consumptionscenarios and new marketing methods, such as online subscription promotion andoffline cross-border joint marketing, so as to explore new customer groups andrelease the values of the brand of Haihe.

    The sustained growth of sales performanceis inseparable from the precise planning of the leadership team as well as thehard work of the management and staff. Haihe Dairy will consistently adhere tothe management philosophy of "Consumer First, Staff Oriented",persist in market-oriented, customer-centered, satisfy the diversified needs ofconsumers, further concentrate on the main responsibility and main business,innovate the sales model, innovate in the scientific and technological researchand development, cultural empowerment, brand enhancement, etc., and make greatachievements with the hard power to contribute new strength to the high-qualitydevelopment of economic and social society of Tianjin.

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