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Huaxin Renewable Energy Solar Module Project Landed inTaikang Industrial Park of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone

Release date:2024-01-22    
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  • Recently, a solar module R&D andproduction base project invested by Huaxin (Tianjin) Renewable Resources Co.,Ltd. has been officially landed in Taikang Industrial Park of Tianjin Port FreeTrade Zone. The successful implementation of the Project is expected torevitalize about 3,500 square meters of the park area, boost the sustainabledevelopment of green economy in the Free Trade Zone, and create a number of newindustrial growth engines, such as new energy, new materials, and greenenvironmental protection.

    The Project, with a planned totalinvestment of RMB 50 million, is mainly engaged in the R&D, design,manufacturing and sales of solar photovoltaic module junction boxes, connectorsand other products, etc. and is expected to reach an annual output value of RMB50 million upon its full commissioning. The solar photovoltaic falls within thegreen low-carbon industry, which is closely linked to other industrialclusters, with high industrial relevance and a large agglomeration and drivingeffect.

    As one of the subsidiaries of Tianjin JTHElectric Group, Huaxin (Tianjin) Renewable Resources Co., Ltd. aims at thedevelopment of new energy, new materials and new technologies, so as to providecustomers with complete solutions and efficient and expeditious services in thefield of solar energy applications. The parent company, Tianjin JTH ElectricGroup, is an integrated energy service group enterprise engaged in the R&D,design, manufacture, sales, operation and maintenance services and generalcontracting of power equipment and power grid systems with a focus on electricpower services, as well as multi-energy complementation, and it is one of theleading enterprises in the domestic industry of industrial electricalappliances.

    Taigang Industrial Park, located at theintersection of Bohai Tenth Road and Zhujiang Road in Tianjin Port Free TradeZone (Lingang Area), is oriented to the R&D and production in the fields ofhigh-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, energy-saving andenvironmental protection industry, food refining, etc., and is operated and managedby Tianjin Lingang Industry & City Construction Development Group. LingangIndustry and City Group, as the main entity of investment, construction andoperation services for the development of industrial new town of TianjinLingang Investment Holding Company Limited, has taken various measures to fullyperform the work related to the revitalization of assets and promotion ofinvestment. On one hand, establish a list of key tasks for assetrevitalization, comprehensively identify the asset base and the status ofdevelopment of enterprises in the park, enhance the scientificity,foreseeability and proactiveness of the work, and perform the basic skills ofasset management of "clear database and clear path"; on the otherhand, based on the regional advantages, deeply explore the upstream anddownstream of the industrial chain where the enterprises are located, take theinitiative to attract investment, offer customized policies featuring "OneEnterprise, One Policy", and collaborate with the cross-sectoral departmentson "Investment and Operation" to provide enterprises with the overalllife-cycle services, and safeguard the sustainable development of theenterprises.

    Since this year, Tianjin LingangInvestment Holding Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the concept of "PartyBuilding Leading and Joint Construction", optimizing the "softenvironment" for production and operation, and intensifying the "hardstrength" for asset revitalization by innovating the service mechanism andimproving the service efficiency, so as to transform assets into high-qualityand high development potential "fertile ground", and to attract morehigh-quality enterprises. In the first three quarters of this year, LingangIndustry & Urban Development Group has revitalized a total of about 16,000square meters of idle area in its industrial business projects, and a number ofhigh-quality enterprises, such as Shanghai Chijiang Precision Machinery, ShenzhenJingtu Material Technology, etc., have established their roots in Lingangaround the dominant industries in the Free Trade Zone.

    As proposed in the Report of the TwentiethNational Congress of the Communist Party of China, promoting the greening anddecarbonization of economic and social development is a key aspect in achievinghigh-quality development. Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone will comprehensively putinto practice the requirements of "Ten Actions" of TianjinMunicipality, especially the action of supporting and leading the high-qualitydevelopment of Binhai New Area, fully exert the decisive role of the market inresource allocation, better fulfill the role of the government, and continue tooptimize the business environment, so as to attract more high-qualityenterprises to invest and develop in the Free Trade Zone. Furthermore, it willcoordinate the promotion of high-quality economic and social development andgreen and sustainable development, construct a green manufacturing system,stimulate the new kinetic energy of green development, and offer a new enginefor the green, low-carbon and high-quality development of the Tianjin Port FreeTrade Zone.

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