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Turning Waste into Treasure, Snow Beer to Upgrade theSewage Treatment Plant

Release date:2024-01-22    
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  • To further improve the prevention andcontrol of pollution, and promote the synergistic effect of pollution reductionand carbon reduction, while properly supervising the ecological environment ofenterprises, the Urban Environment Bureau of the Free Trade Zone has taken theinitiative, and provided scientific and precise assistance to alleviate thedifficulties of green development of enterprises. Recently, the Free Trade Zonehas successfully facilitated the signing of a discharge agreement between SnowBeer Brewery Co., Ltd. in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin (hereinafter referred toas "Snow Beer") and the Sewage Treatment Plant of the Tianjin AirportEconomic Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Airport Sewage TreatmentPlant"). According to the Agreement, the effluent from Snow Beer, aftersimple treatment, is discharged as a high-quality carbon source into theAirport Wastewater Plant, thereby greatly reducing the operating costs for bothparties.

    I. Background

    Snow Beer is located in the Airport Areaof Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, with a designed annual production capacity of200,000 kiloliters of beer. The waste water generated from wort preparation,fermentation, packaging and other processes during the production process ismainly composed of biochemical substances and fermentation products, whichcontain no poisonous or harmful substances and feature excellent biochemicalproperties. Previously, the waste water of the Company was discharged into themunicipal sewage network after being treated by the self-built "anaerobic+ aerobic" wastewater treatment facilities up to the standard of Pollutant Emission Standards for the BeerIndustry (GB 19821-2005), and ultimately entered into the Airport SewageTreatment Plant for further treatment. And the Airport Wastewater Plant, forthe purpose of ensuring that the effluent satisfies the standard of UrbanWastewater Treatment Plant Pollutant Emission Standard (DB12/599-2015) A,during the operation process, as the carbon/nitrogen ratio is relatively low, alarge number of additional agents were purchased as a source of carbon to be added,thereby increasing the cost of treatment.

    II. Main Practices

    First, coordination and facilitation.Based on the amendment to the Pollutant Emission Standards for the BeerIndustry (GB 19821-2005), which allows beer manufacturers and downstreamwastewater treatment plants to mutually agree on the concentration limits ofwater pollutants by signing a legally binding written contract, after theinitial judgment of theoretical feasibility, the Urban Environmental ProtectionBureau of the Free Trade Zone has communicated and interfaced with Snow Beerand Airport Sewage Treatment Plant immediately, and the two sides highlyrecognized the proposal and quickly reached an agreement on the willingness toexplore it further.

    Second, technical demonstration. The UrbanEnvironmental Protection Bureau of the Free Trade Zone has instructed Snow Beerto perform a full technical demonstration in conjunction with the Notice onStrengthening the Supervision and Regulation of Wastewater Negotiation andDischarge, based on the composition and emission of pollutants in thewastewater, the treatment process of the Airport Sewage Treatment Plant and thequality of incoming water, as well as conditions such as the locations of thetwo parties and the municipal wastewater pipeline network.

    Third, proactive services. Upon initial demonstrationof feasibility, the Urban Environmental Protection Bureau of the Free TradeZone has directed the two parties to sign a negotiated discharge agreement andfile it for the record. Meanwhile, to assist enterprises in avoiding legalrisks, the Urban Environmental Protection Bureau has been actively interfacingwith higher-level departments to guide enterprises to complete the sewagelicense and sewage online monitoring system limit value changes. Furthermore,since the trial operation, the Urban Environmental Protection Bureau has beenlaunching manual monitoring of the water quality of the total discharge of SnowBeer, the import of the Airport Sewage Treatment Plant as well as the waterquality of the surrounding pipeline network for many consecutive days, and itwas observed that the carbon to nitrogen ratio of the influent water of theSewage Treatment Plant had been significantly improved, thereby lending datasupport to the formal negotiation of discharge between the two sides.

    III. Work Efficiency

    Upon negotiation of discharge, Snow Beeris expected to cut down the operation cost by about RMB 580,000 per year andreduce carbon emission by 4,500 tons (including saving electricity emissionreduction and methane emission reduction of sewage treatment station); theAirport Wastewater Plant is expected to cut down the operation cost by aboutRMB 900,000 per year, thereby truly realizing a win-win situation for botheconomic benefits of the enterprise and the social and environmental benefits.

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