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New Energy+ to Promote Transformation and Upgrading of Industrial Layout

Release date:2022-11-22    
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      To further implement the spirit of the 12th congress of party representatives of Tianjin, promote the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" efforts, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industrial layout from traditional energy to new energy, Tianjin T&B Energy Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of T&B Holding, recently signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Tianjin Longyuan Wind Power Co., Ltd., Tianjin Anjie IoT Technology Co., Ltd. and Tianjin SolarTech Technology Co., Ltd. In the future, enterprises of all sectors will give full play to the resource endowment and technical advantages of each in the energy industry, take "New Energy+" as the base, continue to deepen multi-industry and multi-discipline cooperation, collaborate to layout and promote the development of new energy industry, and make positive contributions to build a pioneering city of energy revolution in Tianjin.

      Continue to Promote the Development of New Energy Industry

      In recent years, T&B Holding has always given top priority to the strategic transformation and optimization of the main business structure in its business development. As a state-owned listed company on the main board of Hong Kong, T&B Energy, based on domestic and overseas capital markets, has been deeply involved in Binhai New Area and the surrounding areas, and has achieved improvement in scale and efficiency in traditional energy and new energy sectors, and has become a high-quality green energy product supplier. T&B Energy has adhered to the concept of "industry leading, first-class management, excellent service and outstanding efficiency", persisted in "going out and inviting in", introduced high-quality strategic partners as an important way, and actively transformed and upgraded to the direction of new energy, and finally reached strategic cooperation intentions with Longyuan Wind Power, Anjie IOT and SolarTech through extensive industry benchmarking and in-depth field study and research.

      This cooperation is a cross-regional "marriage" between enterprises, as well as a close cooperation among multiple ownership capital forms, such as central enterprises, local state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, and a deep integration of traditional energy industries and new energy industries. In the future, related partners will strengthen cooperation in fields such as wind power, photovoltaic, hydrogen energy, integrated intelligent energy and energy storage through capital, equity and project cooperation, continue to explore new energy projects with green, environmental protection, technology and stable profitability development and operation mode, continuously promote the new energy industry to be stronger, better and more powerful, and take practical actions to contribute to the realization of the "3060" carbon peaking and carbon neutrality objectives.

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