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T&B Holdings Reports First-Half Revenue of RMB 6.072 Billion, Up 175% Year-on-Year

Release date:2022-09-29    
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  •    Recently, the reporter learned from Tianjin T&B Holding Co., Ltd. that in the face of repeated epidemic attacks, severe and complicated market conditions, tightening policies and other multiple tests, T&B Holding has overcome difficulties and made steady progress in the first half of the year, achieving operating income of RMB 6.072 billion, an increase of 175% over the previous year, which is the highest level in the past four years. The economic indicators exceeded expectations to achieve the goal of completing more than half of the time and more than half of the tasks.

       Breakthrough in Operating Indicators Against the Trend

       In the first half of this year, T&B Holding has stabilized its base in an unprecedentedly difficult situation. As of the end of June, the total assets amounted to RMB 152.44 billion; the total area of assets revitalized was 26,500 square meters, and the income realized was RMB 79.54 million. To expedite the expansion of market-oriented innovative operations, T&B Holding restructured the Investment Promotion and Development Department into the Market Development Department and redefined the responsibilities of the department by assigning it three new functions of "market development, service financing and investment attraction" and giving full play to the role of "attracting capital and system". The subsidiaries under the Company have fully demonstrated their spirit of "field army with no backup in market exploration", and have intensified their efforts in market-oriented and innovative business development, and have made important achievements in the fields of productive service industry, domestic and foreign trade, consulting service, platform economy, new energy, etc. It is reported that the revenue generated from new innovative operations of T&B Holding in the first half of the year exceeded RMB 2 billion cumulatively, and the profit amounted to over RMB 33 million.

       Accelerated Construction of Key Projects

       The Industrial Park covers an overall area of 62,000 square meters, with a construction area of 43,000 square meters, and it consists of the Industrial Robot Ontology Smart Factory, the Industrial Robot Intelligent Application System Factory and the Intelligent Robot R&D Center...Recently, the Tianjin Xinsong Intelligent Industrial Park project, constructed by T&B Construction Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of T&B Holding, has been successfully completed and put into operation, which is one of the key construction projects of T&B Construction this year. It is learned that in the first half of the year, T&B Holding has been actively promoting the construction of over 20 key projects such as Tianjin Aviation Port Grand Customs Clearance Base, Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park, Gas Distributed Energy Station in Lingang Grain and Oil Processing Zone, Rainwater Pumping Station in Aviation Industrial Zone, Huizu Plaza Phase II, T&B Jiuru Residence and Yiyang Primary School. All staff of the projects have actively overcome the impact of the new crown epidemic and made every effort to promote the achievement of the established construction objectives.

       Steady Progress of State-owned Enterprise Reform

       In the first half of this year, T&B Holding established two mixed-ownership enterprises with high-quality investors, namely, Lianbo Fundamental Industry and Youmeng Technology, both of which have entered the operation stage and have gained revenues, and another eight enterprises have made phased progress in their mixed-ownership efforts. Meanwhile, the professional manager mechanism of T&B Holding has been further deepened, and a total of 9 socialized senior management talents have been selected and recruited as the responsible persons of the headquarters and secondary companies. It has formulated a wage decision scheme linking the completion of total wages with three indicators of profit increase of main business, business income increase and annual task completion, and effectively exerted the supporting effect of salary assessment mechanism on market-oriented transformation and development. It has strictly implemented the performance appraisal method, intensified quarterly and annual appraisal and forced distribution and achieved the goal of "flexible incomes".

       The year 2022 is a crucial year for the implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan. T&B Holding will continuously strengthen the concept of "Party Building Leading and Joint Creation", strive to complete the business targets, continue to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises, scientifically plan for market transformation, safeguard a safe and stable development environment, adhere to the orientation of goals, problems and results, and resolutely complete the annual tasks and targets with a sense of responsibility of "bearing in mind all the time" and a state of mind of "thinking about administration day and night like agricultural work", so as to contribute to the development of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone into an international eco-vibrant new city with high level of openness and high quality development, and embrace the triumphant convening of the 20th National Congress of the CPC with excellent results.

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