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Triumphant News of Hydrogen Energy Industry in Free Trade Zone

Release date:2022-09-08    
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  • The responsible person of the Bureau of Science and Industry of Free Trade Zone says, as the main bearing place of hydrogen energy industry in Tianjin, the Free Trade Zone follows the working concept of "one body and two wings", with one end based on energy resources and the other end driven by demonstration operation, and the two ends will jointly promote the development of core industry. At the energy resource end, a hydrogen station (hydrogen refueling base station) has been built to purify industrial by-product hydrogen into high-purity hydrogen for automotive use. In terms of hydrogen refueling station construction, the cooperation with Sinopec Group has been deepened, and two commercial integrated energy stations integrating oil, hydrogen, gas, electricity and service will be completed soon based on the demonstration scenario, and the hydrogen energy supply network will be further planned and built based on the network of Sinopec gas stations. At the demonstration application end, the establishment of the hydrogen energy vehicle operation platform by Sinopec and the key steel enterprises in Tianjin is promoted, and the innovative mode of "vehicle-station-view" linkage is adopted to create high-quality hydrogen energy demonstration application scenarios around the transportation route between Tianjin Port and the key steel enterprises in Tianjin, the intercity logistics transportation route between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, as well as the cold chain transportation routes. A total of 12 heavy trucks have been put into operation on the first hydrogen-energy heavy truck demonstration line in Tianjin, with a total operating mileage of over 200,000 km. With the effective promotion of the operation platform, it is expected that over a thousand hydrogen vehicles will be demonstrated and promoted in the next four years. At the core industry end, through the joint promotion of energy resources and demonstration applications, Tianjin Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Industrial Park has gathered about 20 hydrogen energy enterprises with a total investment of about RMB 1 billion, and a preliminary layout of hydrogen energy industry covering multiple fields and levels, such as fuel cells, hydrogen production equipment, distributed energy supply systems and industrial applications, has been established. The enterprises in the park will jointly provide technical support for the demonstration of fuel cell vehicles in Tianjin.

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